How is AIS Stretching Different?

Traditionally, exercise specialists have recommended holding a stretch for up to 60 seconds. Recent research has shown, however, that such prolonged stretching is counterproductive and can actually cause damage to muscles, tendons, and nerves. To maximize flexibility without harming the tissues, AIS stretches are held for no more than two seconds and repeated five to ten times. The practitioner provides just enough assistance to push slightly beyond what you could do on your own, without causing strain. The results are dramatic: within minutes, range of motion at a joint may increase up to 60 degrees. Once you learn the exercises, you can do many of them on your own, using a rope and a few weights.


Benefits of AIS Stretching include:

  • Healthier muscles, fascia, tendons, ligaments, and joints
  • Increased flexibility, strength, and range of motion
  • Breakdown of adhesions and scar tissue caused by trauma or inflammation
  • Reduced risk of muscle spasms, strains, and tears
  • Improved circulation of blood and nutrients, which promotes tissue growth and repair
  • Improved circulation and drainage of lymph, which helps eliminate
  • waste