Bodywork for Health, Healing and Relaxation

Massage Procedure
  • On or before your first visit, you are asked to fill out a medical history form.  This provides the therapist valuable information about your tension patterns and any medical conditions that may require adjustments to your treatment.
  • The first appointment begins with an assessment to provide the therapist with a foundation to design and perform a safe, knowledgeable and effective treatment.
  • Next the therapist will suggest a treatment plan and work with you to ensure your confort level.
  • The massage takes place in a comfortable atmosphere, on a padded/optionally heated table.
  • For a full body massage, lymphatic drainage or scar tissue work you will be asked to removed your clothing to your level of comfort. For CranioSacral treatments and stretching and strenthening sessions,, you may remain fully clothed.
  • Undressing takes place in private and a sheet is used for draping.  The therapist will undrape only the part of your body being massaged, ensuring that your privacy is being respected at all times.
  • You should look forward to a therapeutic, peaceful, relaxing experience.
As a therapeutic bodyworker I will not initiate or tolerate any of the following:
  • Sexual Activity
  • Sexual suggestiveness
  • Sexual harassment or verbal abuse
Tipping is not expected.  Repeat business is preferred.

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Donna A. Venuto, NCLMT, CST, CMLDT
The Healing and Wellness Center at Chauncy Place
45 Lyman Street, Suite 22
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